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Notice: The picture shown is a sample temperature, it is for reference only, the actual product may vary.


material plastic  
measuring points 1  
protected yes  
dishwasher suitable no  
accuracy 1% above 100°C +/- 1°C below 100°C
reaction time 1-2 sec.  
dimensions 12/18/21 mm*  
storage conditions cool, dry  
customization possible yes  

Our REATEC reaPoint standard temperature indicators are based on a self-adhesive plastic carrier, which is protected by a PET film. To achieve a fast and accurate response time, even within a difficult surrounding environment, the measuring points are covered.

Product No. °C
037.PSP.01.XXX* 37
043.PSP.01.XXX* 43
049.PSP.01.XXX 49
055.PSP.01.XXX 55
062.PSP.01.XXX 62
071.PSP.01.XXX 71
080.PSP.01.XXX 80
099.PSP.01.XXX 99
114.PSP.01.XXX 114
116.PSP.01.XXX 116
121.PSP.01.XXX 121


  • self-adhesive temperature measuring strips
  • permanent color change from grey to black
  • for use in the environment of water
  • for use in the environment of oils
  • for use in the environment of greases
  • for use in the environment of solvents
  • 1 measuring point per indicator
  • wide range of temperatures
  • also customizable
  • robust PET protective film


Temperature measuring point in use:

Our temperature measuring points are supplied on rolls. They are very easy to apply on the desired measuring object and are highly adhesive even under strong external loads.

As soon as the specified temperature is exceeded, the temperature measuring point will change color within 1 to 2 seconds.

The color change is irreversible; once the temperature is exceeded, the temperature measuring points do not change back to the original color, even if the temperature drops again. Critical temperature fluctuations will be indicated even after a long time period e.g., during storage and transportation.


This indicator is characterized by its water and oil repellency, strength, high density, for the fastest possible response time. The indicators are supplied on rolls and are designed for automated application and high volumes.

* temperatures 37°C - 43°C store in a refrigerator

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